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İstanbul, Türkiye
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Istanbul Aquarium Ticket With Shuttle is the most popular worldwide for several reasons, including its size, the number of fish species it contains, and the activities it offers near major travel routes. Several “firsts” and “mosts” in their respective fields have been accomplished through this initiative.


The Most Extensive Themed Aquarium in the World

The Istanbul Aquarium is a must-see destination for nature lovers, marine enthusiasts, and those seeking an immersive and educational experience in Istanbul.

It is the newest aquarium in its class, with its voyage route, thematization, interactivity, and rainforest, in contrast to other aquariums that house fish species in the seas across the globe.

The Istanbul Aquarium is now the largest in the world. It also has a wide variety of fish species and activities that may be enjoyed along major transportation routes. Many “firsts” and “mosts” in their respective fields have been accomplished through this initiative.

Following a geographical pattern, the visitors go from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean on a route that encompasses 17 different themes and one rainforest.

Each region’s cultural, geographical, historical, and architectural characteristics become apparent in thematizing the places. Additionally, interactive games, movies, and visual graphics that provide information about the area are included in the thematization of the spaces. This thematization was considered while configuring each location’s sound and lighting systems.

The Istanbul Akvaryum is managed by professionals with extensive experience in their respective disciplines and strictly complies with all applicable international standards.

Every living thing that formerly inhabited the Istanbul Akvaryum has continued to do so under conditions almost identical to those of its original habitat.

Sculptures on display at the Istanbul Aquarium

7.000 cubic meters of water capacity; a total of 66 storage tanks

An enormous structure consisting of two stories covering a total area of 22,000 square meters, built on a plot of 100 decades.

The Istanbul Akvaryum has a parking lot that is 32,000 square meters and can accommodate 1,200 vehicles. The tourist area is 6,000 square meters.

A themed travel route that is 1.2 kilometers long and extends from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

There are around 1,500 species, with 17 000 creatures living on land and in water that are distinct.

There is a gift shop of 470 square meters located within Istanbul Akvaryum, three cafeterias along the path, and one restaurant that offers a view of the sea and the Panama Canal on opposite sides of the building.

Istanbul Aquarium Ticket With Shuttle


Istanbul Aquarium Ticket With Shuttle

Ultimately, the Istanbul Aquarium is a world-class attraction that provides guests with an immersive and compelling experience. Its enormous size, wide variety of fish species, themed travel route, and dedication to international standards make it a must-see site for people interested in marine life and ecology. The interactive components, thematization, and attention to detail in exhibiting many locations around the globe make the Istanbul Aquarium a one-of-a-kind and instructive experience for people of all ages. In addition, the shuttle service and other facilities, such as the gift shop, cafeterias, and restaurant, contribute to the overall ease and pleasure of the stay. The Istanbul Aquarium promises to be an extraordinary trip that will leave a lasting impact, whether you are a marine lover or just searching for an exciting and unique experience in Istanbul.

The Istanbul Aquarium is a world-class facility that provides a window into the wonderful world of aquatic life via its devotion to conservation, education, and entertainment. Visitors may explore the broad-themed trip route, marvel at the variety of fish species, and learn about many places of the globe in a hands-on and engaging way. The Istanbul Aquarium’s commitment to international standards and preserving its aquatic residents’ natural habitats adds to its allure. Whether it’s a family vacation, a school trip, or a solitary adventure, the Istanbul Aquarium offers an enlightening experience that blends pleasure and education fascinatingly and uniquely. The Istanbul Aquarium and its shuttle service provide a smooth and easy experience, making it a popular option for visitors and residents. Don’t miss the chance to see the marvels of the undersea world at the Istanbul Aquarium, a unique site that will leave you with memorable memories.


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  • Trip to Istanbul Aquarium and Aqua Florya shopping mall.
  • Walk through 16 aquatic worlds filled with 1,500 marine and amphibious species.
  • See sharks, stingrays, turtles, piranhas, and more in stunning overhead tunnels and chambers.
  • Be blown away by immersive 5D movies at the aquarium movie house (additional cost).
  • Enjoy time to browse, shop and eat at the state-of-the-art mall.
  • Relax with complimentary round-trip transport by air-conditioned coach.


  • Entrance ticket
  • All Fees and Taxes
  • Pickup and Drop-off with shuttle
  • Professional guide
  • Food and drinks

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Yes, the shuttle is free.

You can use free shuttle buses from Taksim, Sultanahmet, and Aksaray.

It is allowed or valid for one day.

Yes it is free for kids aged between 1 - 3

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İstanbul, Türkiye
From: €25,00
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